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Rentas Inc. Company is established in the year of 2009 and has become an effective procurement company on global level by providing the highest level of efficiency with regards to fastness, quality and economical about supplying the vehicle, heavy equipment, accommodation, labour force, work permit, establishment of company and branch offices, industrial products, storage, hardware products, field services, work safety, iron and steel products that are needed by the company who makes investment abroad.

Industrial Solutions

Based on our many year experiences and expertise, we help our customers construct their industries worldwide

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Our Capabilities

Our industrial company has been fulfilling public projects for decades, since we meet all governmental criteria and standards of excellence in the area.

We use engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster, simpler and more efficient. We manage, operate, and maintain complex operation systems.

We offer domestic and international testing and certification services for industrial facilities and equipment.

The need for quality, safety, and reliability are paramount as companies strive to meet the growing global demands for secure and sustainable sources of energy.

Our industrial company delivers products and services
to many countries of the globe. Our team is attentive to customers, and they work to make sure you receive only the top quality products and services in a timely manner.