Rentas Inc. Company is established in the year of 2009 and has become an effective procurement company on global level by providing the highest level of efficiency with regards to fastness, quality and economical about supplying the vehicle, heavy equipment, airport transfers, accommodation, labour force, work permit, establishment of company and branch offices, industrial products, storage, hardware products, field services, work safety, iron and steel products that are needed by the company who makes investment abroad.

Rentas Inc. Company provides prestige, convenience and financial solution to the company within its wide range of service.

In this process, Rentas Inc. Company is giving the convenience and comfort to the corporation life of their customer with its best quality and modern services by providing follow up of all official transactions, providing fast and high quality products in case of any needed time, providing the flexibility of taking the needed amount of service which you would like to have.

Rentas Inc. Company would be glad if you define its work briefly; "Solution Partner".